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My life

My life

        My name is Gary z Postupických lesů and I am weimaraner short-haired. I have many nicknames: Gary, Garys, Garysek or even Garymir. I was born on February 18, 2003 in Postupice.

        I was still a little puppy when a stranger came one day to look at me. He had to like me very much for he selected just me from the whole litter of my sisters and brothers. No wonder, I was always a cuddly and handsome, the biggest and best colored puppy. And then one day, after I just turned eight weeks, a human family showed up and all three of them began to pet, cuddle, and cradle me. I liked them at first glance. How gladly I followed them into their car to look at my new home. It was a long drive, but since my new owner held me all the time on her lap, I was a quite happy doggy.

        In a new home, I also met a cat, Mica, who definitely did not like me much, since she hissed and her hair stood on end. My new owner had to protect me against her claws, trought she scratched me anyway a few times. Nevertheless, I must say that we became very good friends at the end. Mica come even to cuddle with me sometimes. Only occasionally, I run her around the garden as a precaution if she would get tempted to behave as badly as she had done it on my first day.

        I was always a clean dog. True, in my youth, I had done a few puddles inside the house, but I soon got it that I must go pee outside, in the garden. Yet finding a nice, comfy place for me was another story. I could not remain alone over night and permanently called for someone to stay with me. After two weeks of my whining, during which my owners were taking turns to sleep near to me, I had decided it was time to look where they usually sleep if they did not stay with me. Boldly, despite the dark, I climbed the stairs, squeezed through the half closed door and came to their bed. O, they were surprised how I did that! Of course, they let me stay and overcome the height of the bed after all those stairs it was an easy task. Henceforth, I share the bed with my dear owners overnight, and I use my place just for my daily rest. Isn‘t it how it supposed to be?

        Since I am hunting dog, I do not waste all my days resting on a sofa, but rather running all over the garden. I have a nice and spacious doghouse there that I do not use much, for I must be sure I won´t miss anything that is happening. It is up to me to guard both the house and garden, and I take my job seriously. I strictly prevent entering any strange cat and any bird, and punish any kind of insects by eating them. But I leave the snails alone, for I got really sick afterward. At least, I chew their shell instead. Sometimes, Mica also pretends she is a hunter. I don´t know where she is getting all these mice, but I must say it is fun as we play with them. Yes, and people wonder why the lizards are always missing their tails? Who knows?

        When I was three months old, my lady owner took me to the training ground. I love to go there as often as I can, because nowhere else I have so many friends of my kind. I can survive even all the boring training in discipline. There is no doubt that all of us need it, but whan we enjoy the most is the time afterward when we are left to play. It is so much fun just to run, jump and chase each other. Of course, all of dogs know that I am the hunting dog and if they wait for a while I will likely find out an animal, like a rabbit or quail, or at least a mouse. Then it starts the real hunting fun. Who cares that our owners are screaming and whistling, as trying to call us back, it is not worthy of panicking anyway, for we ultimately come back.

        I know that I am a handsome dog. However, coming to the dogshows I have realized soon that people adore me. I was seven months old when a judge predicted me a promising future on my first show in Slavkov near Brno. A daring statement of Mrs. Ubrova seems to be right. With beginning of a new show season I got out to my first international dogshow in Brno and despite being young, not even one year old dog. Mr. Ing. Dostal did not hesitate and awarded me with the title of CAJC as well as of BOB. Of course, everybody was wandering how such an outsider beat well-experienced champions. Encouraged by the result, my owners enter me to other shows: on April 2004, I won another title CAJC on International dogshow in Ceske Budejovice, on June 2004, I won the title CAC, CACIB and BOB on International dogshow in Prague. Which 15-month-old I got the title of Junior Champion and could sign itself JCH. Gary z Postupickych lesu. People, as my lady owner, need to spent so many years to det a title, while I got to three dogshow and have a pretty one.

        The long sequence of successes has only started. In July 2004, I won another CAC and title of National Champion on the dogshow in Mlada Boleslav, in August 2004, I went to Bratislava where I won twice CAC and twice r. CACIB, in September 2004, I got to my collection of titles another CAC a CACIB from International dogshow in Mlada Boleslav and CAC from Bratcice. Who could remember all those titles, diplomas, medals and trophies. I have nice long shells where all of them are exhibited. Definitely, the year 2004 was successful.

        Don´t please think that I am just a decorative dog. I am hunting dog and not bad one. In April 2004, I passed meeting for hunting dogs, in May, I passed test of natural dispositions with almost full score of points and began to prepare myself for the hunting dog´s career. My favorite walking afternoons alternated into a practicing time when my lady owner insisted I must learn to bring to her stuffed toys, smelly pheasant, fluffy rabbit, or feathery duck. I was expected to react to whistle and track game. Yes, I have a great nose and can to sniff almost everything. It said that I do very well – if I want – only time-to-time I have got distracted by a rabbit. Pheasansts usually fly away, it is enought I have frighten them out. Those rabbits I shoujdn´t chase either, how one could resist if he is a hunting dog. Maybe later – after I will get wiser and sensible - at least this is what my lady owner says.

        After all this tormenting training, I have deserved to pass Autumn test with 250 points at first prize. Now, I would really go out to some real hunt to show what I had learned …. I love animals, both hunting and eating.

        Because in the year 2004 I was successful, I went to Austria to Wells, where I won CACA and CACIB. At the end of year 2004 I won fifth place in Czech Champion of champions, so in January 2005 I went with my lady owner to get a cup.

        The  show season 2005 I' m traipsing a lot, I go sometimes to a show, nevertheless I won CAC, r. CACIB and CACIB. I also became a Czech Champion, Slovakian Champion and Interchampion.

        I am still very good hunting dog, because I passed Special water test in July in first prize with all points, in August I passed Forest test in first prize as well and in September I passed again Autumn test with title CACT in first prize. So I satisfy conditions for being stud dog.

        I also travel a lot: last year in summer I was with my owners in France and this year I travelled with them all way across Norway and Sweden. I adore travelling by car. More pictures in Norway 2005.

       And the year 2006 started as well. On International dogshow in Nürnberg in January 2006 I won the title V1, CAC, CACIB, CAC VDH, BOB and BIG 3,  in March in München title V1, CAC, CACIB, CAC VDH, BOB and BIG 4 and in April in Wieselburg title V1, CACA and CACIB. So I became Österreichischer  Champion.

        Like my lady owner says, life with me is amazing.

ICh. Gary z Postupických lesů - výmarský ohař krátkosrstý - weimaraner